Tips from the Health Guru Don Tolman

Had a great evening recently being entertained and informed by that master of health Mr Don Tolman.
If you have never had the experience of an event with him – it is highly recommended. Click here for more information
He will keep you laughing while he demonstrates clearly the benefits of a whole food diet and what foods you can eat to help different organs and systems in your body. The signatures of foods he calls it.. just look at the shape of the food and see what organ it will help.. walnuts for brains anyone?!!
He tells us and I totally agree.. that there are seven major principles of health that if you follow them you will be living a healthy and whole life of joy!
So I am going to share them with you.. they are the same as the principles we teach daily at Best Health – universal knowledge with a timely reminder from Don Tolman.
1. Air.. clean air that moves.. the wind and the breeze create electrically charged air.. you feel so enlivened when you are immersed in the negative ions of electrical charge from the ocean breezes. If you sit in a stagnating still office, with no circulating air you will soon be sleepy and unproductive and a sleepy unproductive person is uninspired and unfulfilled.
2. Water – also has electrical charge, still stagnating water is less able to hydrate the body – so shake or move your water around before drinking and make sure you drink plenty.. the body is 70% water and the brain requires an even higher percentage.
3. Sunlight – we are so scared of the sun.. suddenly it is the ‘boogie man’ – I see people at the beach early in the morning covered up – hats – sunglasses – long sleeves – oh how sad to see them missing out on the beautiful early morning rays of the sun that gives our whole planet life.
4. Walking – our legs are there for a reason.. to walk to stride along – to take a ‘passiagata’ – an evening stroll – a constitutional – if you walk 45 minutes to one hour a day your body mind and spirit will sing!
5. Whole foods – foods that still look like they were just grown – not processed, packaged, dried, frozen, microwaved, added to, taken away from – generally destroyed! Eat them as close to the place of production as you can – find out where your local farmer’s market is and make sure you shop there. The produce at these places has been picked in the last few days and is fresh and nutritious. Supermarket produce has often been trucked across the country, stored in cold storage for months and otherwise generally mistreated.
6. Non-toxic relationships. If you are not happy in your home, if your family is constantly fighting or playing cold war – do something about it. This atmosphere either at home or at work is killing you. We often do work with people who are having this type of difficulty here at Best Health because it is such an important aspect to feeling good.
7. Passion – you need to dedicate some time every day of your life to something that you are apssionate about. Whatever that is.. it may be simply digging in your garden – but do it and then take a moment to feel gratitude. Gratitude will lift you out of the doldrums every time.
It is a gift you can give yourself on a daily basis.The local South Fremantle Farmers Market

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